General Information:

-There is no charge for arm held infants under the age of 1. Strollers are not permitted in the experience.
-The experience is ADA Accessible

Prohibited Items & Policies:
• The following is PROHIBITED in the Natura Obscura experience. (Please leave prohibited items in your vehicle or at home, as we cannot provide lockers to keep your items).

• Food and/or Beverage of ANY kind. This includes water.
• Bags larger than a small personal bag (i.e. a purse or fanny pack).
• Smoking, including the use of vapor or electronic cigarette devices, is strictly prohibited.
• Strollers. All strollers must be left outside of the experience.

•Pets of any kind (other than service animals).
•We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone displaying disruptive behavior. We will also ask patrons displaying disruptive behavior to leave the experience.
•All sales are final!

Coat Check:
• We will provide a coat rack on chilly days. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Leave your coat at your own risk.

• Some elements of the exhibition are interactive and will require patrons to download a free app for use in the experience. If you do not have a device capable of supporting this technology, there will be a limited number of devices available for rental prior to entry. Just search for “Natura Obscura” in the Apple or Android App stores to download this free app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an “Immersive Experience?”

• An immersive experience is an illusory environment that completely surrounds you such that you feel that you are inside it and part of it. The term is associated with technology environments that command the senses such as virtual reality and mixed reality.

What is “Natura Obscura” about?

• “Natura Obscura” is self-guided exploration through a surrealist, dreamlike forest that combines art, sculpture, and the latest in virtual, augmented, and digital technologies. While “Natura Obscura” is a walk through an artist’s surreal dream, it is also an exploration of our own psychology and the symbolism and mythologies that people have brought with them through the ages. “Natura Obscura” means “hidden nature,” a reference to how our own nature is so often hidden from us.

How “interactive” is the experience? Can I touch things?
• Most of the items in Natura Obscura are designed to be touched and interacted with. We encourage light touch throughout the experience.
o Children should be supervised by an adult as some items are slightly fragile.

o Please do not touch any of the technology hardware (i.e. projectors etc).

How long does it take to go through the installation?

• Individual experiences will vary, but with 6 different galleries to explore we recommend you allow yourself at least one hour to truly enjoy the full experience.

How much does it cost?
• Tickets for “Natura Obscura” are priced as follows:
o Tuesday and Wednesday tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door* for all patrons.
o Thursday – Sunday tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door* for all patrons.
o Arm held infants under the age of 1 are admitted free of charge.
o On the first Tuesday of every month MOA will host SCFD free days, in which all patrons will be allowed to visit free of charge. Patrons must reserve a ticket online as there is a limited number of patrons we can accommodate in a single day. Use the promo code “SCFD” at checkout to reserve your free ticket. (UPDATE! As of 1/15/19 all SCFD Tickets have been allocated and are no longer available).
*Limited ticket quantities are available at the door. We strongly encourage pre-purchasing your tickets online to guarantee admission.
Are there any discounted tickets for seniors or other discount options?

• No. We have worked hard to price tickets to be accessible to all, including reduced price tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday and SCFD free days.

Are children under the age of 18 admitted without an adult?

• Children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult (age 18+).

What does a Magic Ticket do?

• MOA is offering “Magic Tickets” for patrons wishing to give a gift without the restriction of choosing a date and time in advance, or for anyone that would rather not make an advance reservation. Magic Ticket holders can enter the exhibit without a prior reservation and proceed directly to the front of the line for entry.
o Magic Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door* for all patrons.
o Magic Tickets are physical tickets and cannot be printed at home.
o Patrons must pick up these tickets from MOA directly or purchase by phone at 303-806-0444 and request tickets to be held at will call or mailed.

o Additional fees for mailing apply.
*Limited magic ticket quantities are available.

Is the show accessible for those with mobility differences?

• All MOA galleries are accessible to all patrons. There is only one feature within the show that guests with limited mobility or balance issues will be discouraged from interacting with. For more information on this element of the installation please inquire with the reception desk before entry.

What if I have an emergency or cannot attend my previously scheduled time?
• Please call MOA directly at 303-806-0444 to speak to a representative about changing your ticket to a new time and date. Only comparably priced tickets are eligible to be moved. You may also email naturaobscura@moaonline.org

• For example, if you purchase a ticket for a Wednesday admission, you cannot exchange this for a Thursday time slot, as the prices on those days are different. If you wish to make this upgrade, you will need to contact Showclix at the number listed on the ticket confirmation you received.

• All ticket sales are final! No refunds will be issued due to scheduling conflicts, however, we will do our best to change your ticket to another time option, if available.

What if there is bad weather and my showtime is canceled?

• If MOA needs to close any show date due to weather, Showclix will notify all registered guests of this decision and will provide ticket holders with the option of a full refund or alternate (comparable) date.

I have a large group; can I reserve a private tour for my friends and me?

• Yes, MOA will offer private tours on Mondays. Please inquire with MOA Outreach and Events Coordinator, Jessica Brack, at 303-806-0444 or email naturaobscura@moaonline.org

Can I take photos/video?
• YES! We encourage you to take all of the photos/videos you want for personal use. Please tag us on social media @naturaob and use #naturaobscura

• The use of professional photo/video equipment for commercial use must be authorized by staff prior to use.

Is re-entry into the experience permitted?

• Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to return to the experience once you leave. Please be sure you use the restroom in the atrium waiting area prior to entry.

What if I don’t like the experience? Am I eligible for a refund?
• No. While there are limited options for switching tickets before attending the show, all sales are final.