One thing that I particularly admire about my experience while working on Natura Obscura is having something to look forward to, be it on the smaller scale, or the larger scale, it’s really lovely to wake up in the morning and be genuinely excited for something. For example, this weekend Alex came and visited me in downtown Golden, where Arts Week Golden was in full swing. As we walked around and chatted with artists and vendors, we were both just really excited to make that artist to artist connection, and without fail, we just had to let them in on Natura Obscura. It feels like a secret in the back of my mind that I just can’t keep from spilling… to everyone. I don’t even care if I annoy my friends and family, it’s *~exciting~*.
This week in the studio, we had some really rad stuff going on, and we were able to see some projects finally come together. It was really rewarding overall. Neil from Mad Graphics 303 came into the studio and installed the die-cut vinyl of the spirits of the forest that Justin designed, and the vinyl for the Mother Nature floor piece that Daniel has been working on. Not only was Neil really kind and awesome to work with, but you could tell that he was almost as excited about the pieces as we were. Stephanie, Eggs, and I were stoked to finally be able to help Daniel with the floor, which will consist of sea shells, glitter, insects, UV-reactive paint, glass, and feathers, all encased in resin.
    Justin, the creature creating master, was really excited too. Now that the spirits of the forest have all been designed and the application of the vinyl went so well, he now could finally begin to focus on creating the actual little spirit-creatures that will accompany visitors as they walk through the woods. Justin and I, being the clay people of the group, brainstormed the best strategy and material to make the creatures with, and we ended up deciding on slip casting! Slip casting is one of my favorite things to do in the entire world. I seriously adore the process and I use it often in my work. This was a big treat for me, because this meant that I got to teach Justin how to make plaster molds and slip cast! Casting slip is liquid clay that you pour into a plaster mold. After letting the slip sit in the mold for around seven minutes, the plaster draws out the moisture in the liquid slip, thus once the excess is poured out, you’re left with a clay cast of your object. Justin and I worked on making the molds for the bodies of the little creatures, and then we got to slip casting away!
    Stephanie began to work on her tuning fork piece, which I’m so excited for. She and Jen decided to use tuning forks that resonate to the orbit of each of the planets. So rad. Andrew has made like four owls at this point. Mega rad. Shawn is in the process of figuring out the animatronics for the owls. Also rad. Honestly, everything that everyone is working on is out-out-of-this-world rad, and if it wasn’t for our vastly deep and encompassing hive mind, none of it would be possible.