Recovering from week two was easy to do, especially when we had a larger, more focused goal for the week. The weekend of July 6th through July 8 th is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and we’re setting up this whimsical and majical space to promote Natura Obscura. Imagine this, a huge monochromatic Natura Obscura themed snow globe, basically, is what we’re going for, minus the snow. We want to create an immersive space, in the middle of a stimulating arts festival, to really let the public know what kind of experience they can expect in January when Natura Obscura opens. This is a space where they can experience the virtual reality promotional video with the VR headsets, and get a taste of the environment of the forest.
We all stepped away from what we were working on to join forces and tackle creating the trees for the festival. And wow. Making these trees out of PVC pipes is quite the chore. It’s a pretty physical, time dependant process that requires communication, and lots of hands, but it was so fun! Eggs put on some sing-along-worthy, dance-party-inducing music and we rocked the trees out in a few days. Meanwhile, Silas and Stephanie busted out this awesome leaf-like canopy to shade our snowglobe-bubble environment during the festival, too.
On Tuesday, we decided we deserved a little extra fun, so we all went down to 16th Street Mall and enjoyed some sweet Taco Tuesday deals at Lime. Even Shiki the Yeti, the ambassador of the creatures of the forest, loved the atmosphere there. The most majical aspect of this group, in my opinion, is the instant community that we formed. I think we all adore each other, and we let it show. Jen and Eric treat us like equals, and we all support each other in whatever way is necessary. Everyone came to Taco Tuesday, no one was left out, and we had a stellar time. I don’t want to get too sappy, but we’re really lucky.
At the end of week three, we’re all back working on our specified aspects of the forest, and we have a good idea of what needs to be done.

This is Lexie signing off, week three was dope, and if you’re still following the coffee shop analogy, it’s like you’re practically besties with the barista and you get a discount every morning. *~insert sassy hair-flip emoji here~*