Meet Tracy Duck: Voted Most Likely to “MacGyver It”. Tracy Duck is an Artist from Cheyenne Wyoming who came to Denver to help build Natura Obscura. She Received an Associates of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Theatre from Laramie County Community College in 2010.

Her passion of art lead her to pursue working in the theatre industry. Theatre has always been a way to incorporate her art in a large-scale environment. When she not working on Set designs, props and scenic painting for local theatres she spends a lot of her time working behind the scenes as stage crew for different performance venues.

Over the course of 8 weeks with Design and Build, Tracy assisted in building and designing the framing for the installation. Once the framing was build she worked with several artists to create several projects to fill the 5,000 square foot gallery. Some of the projects included a cave, water feature, trees, and several fiberoptic flowers. Follow her on Instagram @earthly_jewels_design