Daniel Phelps: voted most likely to make a mess. Daniel Phelps is a illustrator and designer who was born and raised in New York and moved to Colorado to study at The University of Colorado Denver. He is a senior and will be receiving his BFA in Illustration and minor in Studio Art. His hobbies consist of hiking, cycling, snowboarding and playing video games.

In Natura Obscura, Daniel’s main feat was designing the Mother Natura floor piece that will welcome viewers into the forest. Starting from a hand-drawn image, Daniel used adobe photoshop and illustrator to create an electronic rendering that @madgraphics303 then turned into a lovely vinyl sticker. Daniel hand-picked a plethora of materials which sang together beautifully to bring Mother Nature to life. Daniel also worked on animating a few creatures that you’ll find flying in the forest, and always helped create fantastic detail and dimension when spray painting was needed for a project.

Daniel says “Art is all around us. It is a way to express oneself and to connect with others. In my artwork, I focus on spirituality and the unknown with heavy stylized ink work, watercolor, and mixed media. I have a passion for digital design and illustration, but I’m always looking to learn new techniques and skills.”

You can follow his work on Instagram @ufancyhuhh