Mickey Houlihan


Mickey Houlihan has been recording with writers and musicians, in nature and inspired by it for more than 40 yrs.  He sometimes seems more like an audio shaman in his desire to share the magic and mystery inherent in all of nature. He is especially kindred to water in all its forms and his sound based installation in Natura Obscura’s sound gallery is an immersive celebration of flow states. For many of those years he travelled with the Paul Winter consort recording with whales, wolves and eagles on the oceans and in the mountains and deserts across the earth. He has recorded with nature writers Peter Matthiessen, Barry Lopez and Terry Tempest Williams and was was awarded a Grammy for his production, “Prayer for Compassion” with cellist, David Darling. He was part of the inspiration for the “Sound Gallery” at MOA, and produced the first program for it, “The Color of Sound”.  Working with director, Louie Psihoyos, he recorded the location audio for the movie, “Racing Extinction”. His recording label is  https://curveblue.com