Heather Amador


Heather’s love for invention formed at an early age while spending time with her father in the garage. This gave her the opportunity to explore and construct using hardware, miscellaneous car parts, and various materials and compounds manipulated by heating and cooling. Higher education at MSU paired with Heather’s peculiar talents heightened her repertoire for fusing organic/mechanical with ugly/beautiful, high contrasts, form, shape and color into her sculptures and paintings. Having several pieces chosen for display at the Capital, Su Teatro and Auraria Campus gave her exposure to receive an opportunity with The Museum of Outdoor Arts and Prismajic, where she became a lead artist who developed textured fabrics for sculptures and wall and ceiling treatments from unconventional materials. Heather helped guide the process for other artists in creating for the 2019 exhibit. This experience expanded her range of imagination with materials and gave her a love for collaboration where all can be inspired and strengthened by each other.