Natura Obscura is comprised of six separate installations by a variety of artists within the various galleries at MOA’s indoor space.

Below is a list of key contributing artists that worked on each installation within Natura Obscura.

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  • Heather Amador- "Natura Obscura The Forest"

    Heather’s love for invention formed at an early age while spending time with her father in the garage. This gave her the opportunity to explore and construct using hardware, miscellaneous car parts, and various materials and compounds manipulated by heating and cooling. Higher education at MSU paired with Heather’s peculiar talents heightened her repertoire for fusing organic/mechanical with ugly/beautiful, high contrasts, form, shape and color into her sculptures and paintings.

    Having several pieces chosen for display at the Capital, Su Teatro and Auraria Campus gave her exposure to receive an opportunity with The Museum of Outdoor Arts and Prismajic, where she became a lead artist who developed textured fabrics for sculptures and wall and ceiling treatments from unconventional materials. Heather helped guide the process for other artists in creating for the 2019 exhibit. This experience expanded her range of imagination with materials and gave her a love for collaboration where all can be inspired and strengthened by each other.

  • Nicole Banowetz- "Simulacra Vision"

    Nicole Anona Banowetz makes sewn inflatable sculptures and delicate assembled forms.  Her artwork addresses vulnerability and struggle.  She empowers objects through embellishment, building up protective layers, which with time become destructive.  Her forms move freely between growth and decay blurring the distinction between decoration and disease.  Nicole’s work is inspired by the natural world. She addresses human qualities while using the imagery she finds in the animal, plant, mineral, and bacterial worlds.

    She has made made installations inspired by bacteria, parasitic fungus, viruses, radiolaria, rotifers, horses, and rhinos. All these forms she recreates in soft inflatable sculptures, which she designs and sews on her sewing machine, sometimes adding illumination from within so that the forms glow at night, and other times adding delicate sculpted porcelain forms which balance within or on top of the inflatable.

    Learn more about Nicole and her work at nicolebanowetz.com and follow her on Instagram @nicolebanowetz

  • Chris Bagley- "Simulacra Vision" & "The Archive"

    With an eye on culture’s periphery, artist, and filmmaker Chris Bagley melds light and color to produce dreamy op art inspired visual scapes.

    Appreciation for “Wesley Willis’s Joyrides”, a 2008 documentary film about the revered Chicago cult musician and street artist, won co-director Bagley the Chicago International Film Festival’s prestigious Gold Hugo. Chris was featured as one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives. Bagley’s works have been shown on the distinguished walls of the Clyfford Still Museum as well as at Rule Gallery, Redline Gallery, Pirate:Contemporary Art, The Maven Hotel, Arvada Center and Rhinoceropolis.

    Bagley’s video work includes “Fringe Art of the Front Range” displayed at Denver International Airport, a Colorado Public Television short featuring Denver’s roadside attraction restaurant Casa Bonita, and disco ball, refracted, colorful, light-infused music videos for underground rap group, Wheelchair Sport’s Camp.

    In the art installations “Interactive Infinity Loop”, “Moving Mona” and the “World Builder” series, colorful, mirror-image projections and backlit, lenticular prints are a kaleidoscopic impression of reality, bordering on the hallucinogenic. 

    Follow Chris and his work on Instagram @rocknrollranch

  • Silas Carter- " Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Silas hails from Colorful Colorado and takes great pride in that fact. He was locally raised in Colorado Springs. He then flew the coop and landed in Denver where he is a senior at the University of Denver, studying Emergent Digital Practices.

    He has a huge passion for the outdoors and appreciates all of the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Skiing is one of his greatest passions. When he’s not tearin’ it up on the slopes you can find him flying hot air balloons with his family, practicing his film photography skills, or spending time outdoors with his friends, family, and his dog, Gibbs.

    Learn more about Silas’ work at silascarter.com

  • Stephanie Clouse- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Stephanie is a sculptor and visual artist from Denver, Colorado. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Transmedia and Sculpture with a minor in Poetry at University of Colorado at Denver. She declared her major after taking her first sculpture course and falling in love with the lost wax bronze casting process.

    She employs various other techniques to make her artwork, such as woodworking, metalworking, welding, mold making and casting, assemblage and collage, sewing, painting, drawing, taxidermy, and insect pinning and preservation.

    As a member of CU Denver’s Sculpture Club, she has had the opportunity to install work at Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery, and has participated in public metal casting.

    Visit her instagram to see more!

  • Andrew Corke- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Andrew Corke grew up on Florida’s Sanibel Island, a community that is very focused on the natural environment in which they live. By growing up next door to places such as the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, he felt the need to create art that brings attention to the ongoing issue of habitat loss, global climate change, over-consumption, and the unstable future of the neighbors he grew up with, such as ospreys, indigo snakes, and sea turtles.

    The materials are an important aspect of his work. By making the work three-dimensional and out of recycled waste Andrew hopes to invoke the feel that these creatures are being reanimated from the trash, reaching out and toward the viewer. The process for most of the Reanimations involves building up a supporting structure out of wire, foam, or aluminum, stuffing it with recycled newspaper and then building up layers of recycled materials on top of this support structure. Andrew states, “We live on a planet that has a limited number of resources.

    These resources will not be around forever, neither will animals, neither will humans; by using what we already have as wisely as possible, by reducing what we use, reusing and recycling, I am confident that we can give the place we live new life.”

    You can learn more at www.andrewcorke.com

  • Lauren Crawford- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Lauren Crawford was born in Valencia California before cable television had its stranglehold on childhood development. The copious amount of free time enabled obsessive exploration into drawing and painting from an early age that followed into adulthood.

    After graduating high school and rebelling against her mother by not continuing on to college, Lauren gained some hard earned sense from working a dead end job. Picking up the pieces and moving cross country, she enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as a mature student to regain some semblance of life. Graduating with a Bachelors degree of Fine Art in painting (2017) recognized with Cum Laude honors, granted new opportunities of exploration in the art world. Now enrolled at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in the Mount Royal School of Art program, Lauren is working towards her MFA (2019) as a multidisciplinary artist. Lauren is employed as a teacher’s assistant to the undergrad sculpture department at MICA and as the facilities assistant manager with the Mount Royal department.

    She is currently working on an installation for the graduate fall show and senior thesis in the spring, wish her luck and send coffee. Work can be seen at: www.Lacrawford.com

  • Alex DeBenedictis- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Alexandra DeBenedictis otherwise referred to as Alex or Eggs, was born and raised here in beautiful Colorado. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a concentration in Drawing, a minor in Psychology and a minor in Art History. She considers herself as a multimedia artist as she works with a variety of unconventional media and materials. You can spot her hands in many different works, and places around Denver.

    In Alex’s spare time she enjoys live music of all kinds, hiking and adventuring. She knows her spirit is a narwhal, and always carries around a couple vials of holographic or pink glitter. Find out more at www.alexdebenedictis.com

  • Tracy Duck- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Wyoming native Tracy Duck has a passion for breathing new life into objects left behind.

    No matter her medium, she sees every new project as an opportunity to learn and incorporate new ideas and techniques.

    As a visual arts graduate working in the theatre industry, Tracy’s lent her vivid imagination and skilled hand to the build of several sets for The Cheyenne Little Theatre Players (“Into the Woods,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Lion King Jr.,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream”) as well as for the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins. Her work in the performance art realm includes scenic painting and design, prop building, and lighting.

    At home in Cheyenne, Tracy enjoys sharing her love for the arts through teaching. She’s led the Set Design portion of the Cheyenne Little Theatre’s youth theater program for three years, and she regularly instructs guided painting at Flydragon Painting Studio.

    Recently, Tracy was honored to be part of the Museum of Outdoor Arts’ “Design and Build” program (Englewood, CO).

    Never one to slow down between projects, Tracy’s constantly refining her skills with casting, collage, found art, furniture design, interactive art, metalsmithing, photography,costume design, sculpture, Steampunk weapon creation, and woodworking. Take a look at her latest creations on her instagram page.

  • Kenyon Dellecave- "Natura Obscura The Forest"

    Kenyon Sky Dellecave is a self taught artist and builder living and working in Denver, Colorado. His previous works have included painting, collage, mixed media, yard art, and large interactive wooden sculptures. Currently, Kenyon has been working on pieces using layers of found objects, black paint, and epoxy resin.

  • Mickey Houlihan- "From Canyon to Cosmos: A Monk Dreams"

    Mickey Houlihan has been recording with writers and musicians, in nature and inspired by it for more than 40 yrs. He sometimes seems more like an audio shaman in his desire to share the magic and mystery inherent in all of nature. He is especially kindred to water in all its forms and his sound based installation in Natura Obscura’s sound gallery is an immersive celebration of flow states.

    For many of those years he travelled with the Paul Winter consort recording with whales, wolves and eagles on the oceans and in the mountains and deserts across the earth. He has recorded with nature writers Peter Matthiessen, Barry Lopez and Terry Tempest Williams and was was awarded a Grammy for his production, “Prayer for Compassion” with cellist, David Darling. He was part of the inspiration for the “Sound Gallery” at MOA, and produced the first program for it, “The Color of Sound”. Working with director, Louie Psihoyos, he recorded the location audio for the movie, “Racing Extinction”.

    Learn more about his work by visiting his recording label, Curve Blue.

  • Eric Jaenike- "Natura Obscura The Forest" & Prismajic President and Co-Founder

    Eric is co-founder and President of Prismajic. A serial entrepreneur, prior to co-founding Prismajic he helped found Artistry Events & Design, an art forward event design and production company focused on bringing immersive experiences to the corporate market, and Shareholder Insite, a financial software company acquired by Ipreo. He’s held a variety of positions in finance, including positions with ETG and Merrill Lynch. He has a Masters in Finance from CU Boulder and a Bachelor’s in Economics from UCLA.

    Learn more about his work at prismajic.com

  • Kelly M. Jones- Artistic & Installation Support

    Kelly M. Jones, a native of Colorado, developed interests in theatre, set production, welding, sculpture, and digital design. Jones is currently a graduate from the University of Colorado Denver, possessing a BFA with an emphasis in transmedia, which is a combination of sculpture and digital design and pursuing a Masters in museum studies. She is a micro-artist who combines cellular structures with sculpture. Her inspiration comes from epidemic history, biological oddities, and generative artists who create installations from data. Through her studies at UCD and The Museum of Outdoor Arts, she has discovered an interest in multimedia and interweaving sculpture with digital animation and other multimedia projects. Jones collaborated with several artists in different galleries to create interactive installations.

  • Justin Kedl- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Justin is a sculptor, designer, cartoonist, and pop-surrealist turbo-nerd hailing from Centennial, Colorado. He recently completed his undergraduate art degree with a double concentration in sculpture and design at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. His preferred mediums are ceramic and stone, but he loves experimenting with new materials and processes.

    Most of his work focuses on strange creatures and figures, stemming from both a deep fascination with zoology and an obsession with cartoons and pop-culture. When he’s not making art, he can be found outdoors rock climbing or hiking with his family.

    Learn more at www.justinkedl.com

  • Mark Laramee- "Natura Obscura The Forest" Artistic & Installation Support

    More information coming soon!

  • Georges Loewenguth- Artistic and Installation Support

    Born in 1992, Georges Eliott Loewenguth is a Denverite, where he still resides and works as an emerging artist. Georges is completing his BFA at Metropolitan State University with an emphasis in painting. He has showcased his work in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Denver. Georges recently finished his Thesis for his bachelors and is currently assembling a portfolio for graduate school applications. Georges participated in MOA’s Design and Build program in 2015.

    Since, he has shown work and led painting workshops at the Veterans Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District. His expertise lies in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, which he combines to create multimedia works. These works are inspired by his own life experiences and perceptions through family and travel. He explores preconceptions of different ideals that people possess including the outlook on foreign cultures, political agendas, and even as personal as in-depth emotion.

    Georges doesn’t paint or create art for the masses but for himself, allowing his most inner thoughts to be brought up onto the substrate while also trying to maintain a visual aesthetic that a viewer can enjoy. Georges’ artistic style walks the line between realism and surrealism, combining different elements of each to make the viewer believe what they see while also knowing that the environment is not real. His work typically includes figures because of his heavy influence from the renaissance and early Greco-Roman sculpture. Georges focuses on piecing together various narratives that speak to his personal experiences while keeping an aura of ambiguity, allowing the viewer to connect and make their own interpretations on the work.

    See more of his work at Fine Art America and follow his art page on Facebook.

  • Heather Longway- "From Canyon to Cosmos: A Monk Dreams"

    More information coming soon!

  • Alexis Lund- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Alexis Lund, often known as Lexie, was born in Denver, Colorado. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in August 2018, with a minor in Art History and a certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

    Lund is currently employed by the Visual Resources Center in the Visual Arts Complex on CUs campus, digitizing slide film and printed images for faculty usage, and assisting with cataloging images on the online LUNA software database. In Special Collections and Archives, Lund is working with photography portfolios and collections completing condition reports, and cataloging for the University.

    Lund frequently exhibits her work in the Visual Arts Complex at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and as an artist, is inspired by politics, feminism, design, craft, pop-punk, and many other alternative counter-cultures and sub-cultures. During the Fall 2018 semester, Lund will be creating more works while in CU Boulder’s post-baccalaureate program in the Ceramics area.

    You can learn more about her and her work at www.lexielund.com

  • Schuyler Madden- Artistic & Installation Support

    More information coming soon!

  • Andon Malone- "Natura Obscura The Forest"

    A recent alumni and Pinnacle Award winner from The Art Institute of Colorado, Andon Malone is a designer with a passion for anything creative. Growing up in Los Angeles as the son of an inventor, artist, musician and entrepreneur, Andon was exposed to what it takes to start and maintain a small business. After excelling in film school and a short stint with music production, Andon moved to Colorado to follow his passion for product design, marketing and branding; establishing his first DBA at age 19 and his first product utility patent by age 21.

    By utilizing industrial design, graphic design, media production, business and marketing knowledge, the goal is to not only create great designs but to enhance market awareness to any brand or product.

    Other than providing 2D and 3D designs for clients like The Denver Performing Arts Center, Andon enjoys playing in conceptual thought, creating products and experience for a variety of different markets. Andon is also an active member in the Denver creatives and business communities, spending time on the Board of Advisers for the Colorado Arts and Tech Series (CATS), and as a member of both Creative Connections and The Da Vinci Institute.

    As a member of the Prismajic collective, Andon has collaborated on many exciting projects, including the “pop up” immersive at the Denver Salon, and the rollout of the new Natura Obscura exhibition at the Museum of Outdoor Arts, opening in January of 2019.

    The method to Andon’s madness is to develop, support and enhance the human experience by using creative methods and innovative thinking.

  • Tiffany Matheson- "Synthetic Nature" (Design and Build Alumni)

    Tiffany Matheson is an emerging Denver native artist who specializes in sculpture, installation and performance art, with experience in public art, mold making and casting, woodworking, welding, textiles and sewing, acrylic manipulation, environmental art, site-specific art, social practice, activism, music, written word, tactile and interactive art.

    She is currently incorporating various new media materials into her artwork, including light, sound, solar power, sensors, motors, circuit boards and coding. Tiffany was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2016.

    Learn more at her website at tiffaymatheson.com and by following her on instagram @tiffanymatheson_artist

  • Sean Morris- "Natura Obscura The Forest"

    For the last 10 years, Sean Morris has worked in the field of production. Working with the Integration Company, performing motion tracking for Samsung’s marketing campaign called Football Will Save the Planet. Sean has since developed Research and Educational applications for non-profit organizations Chicago Zoological Society (Dolphin.Report), and Save our Seabirds Interactive. In his spare time, you can usually find Sean climbing in Clear Creek Canyon.

  • Jennifer Mosquera- "Natura Obscura The Forest" & Prismajic Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder

    Originally from Virginia, Jennifer graduated from DU Law in 1998 and was a Deputy District Attorney in Denver for 3 years. Always an artist at heart, she quit the law to explore her creative self through design and many other artistic mediums. In 2012 she co-founded Artistry Events & Design, an art forward event design and production company. In 2017 she leveraged that experience to co-found Prismajic, an arts company that creates immersive environments that integrate technology and fine art.

    Jennifer acted as MOA’s Spring/Summer 2018 artist in residence and led the MOA Design and Build intern team in the development of Natura Obscura.

    Learn more about her work at prismajic.com

  • Daniel Phelps- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Daniel Phelps is a illustrator and designer who was born and raised in New York and moved to Colorado to study at The University of Colorado Denver. He is a senior and will be receiving his BFA in Illustration and minor in Studio Art. His hobbies consist of hiking, cycling, snowboarding and playing video games.

    Art is all around us. It is a way to express oneself and to connect with others. In my artwork, I focus on spirituality and the unknown with heavy stylized ink work, watercolor, and mixed media. I have a passion for digital design and illustration, but I’m always looking to learn new techniques and skills.

  • Benjamin Pound- Artistic & Installation Support

    More information coming soon!

  • Travis Powell- "Synthetic Nature" (Design and Build Alumn)

    Travis graduated from the University of Denver in 2016 with a BFA in Emergent Digital Practices, a program focused on the intersection of art and technology. Working primarily with video installation and projection mapping much of his work focuses on how memory and perception affect each other in controlled settings created through augmented reality.

    Since graduating Travis has provided projections for productions at venues including Denver School of the Arts, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio and a video performance with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Travis was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2016.

    Learn more at his website at tpowellart.com and by following him on instagram @deepspacediver

  • Scott M. Soffa- "The Time Machine" and elements of "Cabinets of Curiosities and Impossibilities"

    Scott M. Soffa – hand painted murals, faux finishes, composition ornament installations, art installations, event décor and much, much more.

    Scott has over 25 years experience in the fields of Interior Design and Decoration. Preferring a hands on approach, he has painted and applied decorative ornament from coast to coast. 

A full tuition scholarship graduate of The Colorado Institute of Art, he holds an Associates Degree of Occupational Studies in Interior Design.

His murals, Venetian plaster and other finishes are in restaurants, retail stores and residences across the country.

    Learn more about Scott’s work at smsstudiodenver.com

  • Ian Wagner- "Synthetic Nature" (Design and Build Alum)

    Ian Wagner is a Denver based artist and designer. His work integrates complex digital technology and minimalistic sculptural designs. His sculpture references traditional craftsmanship and science fiction, informed by Japanese woodworking and futuristic fashion. Ian was part of MOA’s Design and Build Program in 2017.

    Learn more at his website at ianwa.com and by following him on instagram @ian.ai

  • Alexandra Ward- "Natura Obscura The Forest" (Design and Build Summer Intern Artist)

    Alexandra Ward comes from New York City, where she goes to school at New York University. Now a sophomore in the Production and Design program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Alex has a concentration in scenic design, with a secondary in lighting design. Alex has a passion for all areas of theatre and design and when she’s not in the studio or in the theatre, she can be found listening to music, on a walk, or wondering why she has spare time.

  • Wesley Wayne- Artistic & Installation Support

    More information coming soon!

  • Samantha Weston- Artistic & Installation Support

    Samantha Weston is originally from Texas and works primarily with paint in combination with screen printing or other printing methods. Weston’s work explores ideas revolving around memory and how we as individuals hold on to core memories and forget others. The mending of these abstract memories into a visual narrative have become her work.

    Weston completed her BFA with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing at the University of Colorado Denver in 2016 and has exhibited at Republic Plaza in Denver, Redline Gallery in Denver, Emmanuel Gallery in Denver, The Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs, VFW Post 1 Gallery in Denver, and Anschutz Medical Library in Aurora among others in the state of Colorado.

    The artist was featured in Studio Visit Magazine Winter Catalog vol.36, and has co-curated a veteran exhibition at Cabal Gallery in Denver, Colorado. She continues to learn and explore the curatorial field by assisting with projects at Republic Plaza and 1801 California in Denver. Weston has been awarded Jurors choice award from artist and curator Michael Chavez while exhibiting at the Emmanuel Gallery juried student show, received best in show while exhibiting at the TriPeaks League, and given a gallery talk at the Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs. Samantha Weston currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.