Andrew Corke


Andrew Corke grew up on Sanibel Island, a community that is very focused on the natural environment in which they live. By growing up next door to places such as the JN Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, he felt the need to create art that brings attention to the ongoing issue of habitat loss, global climate change, over-consumption, and the unstable future of the neighbors he grew up with, such as ospreys, indigo snakes, and sea turtles. The materials are an important aspect of his work. By making the work three-dimensional and out of recycled waste Andrew hoped to invoke the feel that these creatures are being reanimated from the trash, reaching out and toward the viewer. The process for most of the Reanimations involves building up a supporting structure out of wire, foam, or aluminum, stuffing it with recycled newspaper and then building up layers of recycled materials on top of this support structure. Andrew states, “We live on a planet that has a limited number of resources. These resources will not be around forever, neither will animals, neither will humans; by using what we already have as wisely as possible, by reducing what we use, reusing and recycling, I am confident that we can give the place we live new life.” You can learn more at www.andrewcorke.com