Andon Malone


A recent alumni and Pinnacle Award winner from The Art Institute of Colorado, Andon Malone is a designer with a passion for anything creative. Growing up in Los Angeles as the son of an inventor, artist, musician and entrepreneur, Andon was exposed to what it takes to start and maintain a small business.  After excelling in film school and a short stint with music production, Andon moved to Colorado to follow his passion for product design, marketing and branding; establishing his first DBA at age 19 and his first product utility patent by age 21.

By utilizing industrial design, graphic design, media production, business and marketing knowledge, the goal is to not only create great designs but to enhance market awareness to any brand or product.

Other than providing 2D and 3D designs for clients like The Denver Performing Arts Center, Andon enjoys playing in conceptual thought, creating products and experience for a variety of different markets. Andon is also an active member in the Denver creatives and business communities, spending time on the Board of Advisers for the Colorado Arts and Tech Series (CATS), and as a member of both Creative Connections and The Da Vinci Institute.

As a member of the Prismajic collective, Andon has collaborated on many exciting projects, including the “pop up” immersive at the Denver Salon, and the rollout of the new Natura Obscura exhibition at the Museum of Outdoor Arts, opening in January of 2019. 

The method to Andon’s madness is to develop, support and enhance the human experience by using creative methods and innovative thinking.